The Mobile Open Culture and Innovation Hub is a long-term initiative that we launch with our partners from Montenegro, Kosovo and Germany.MOCI is a cultural mobile hub on the roads of the Balkan and a community platform for open culture and creative production.In the field MOCI is a Pop-Up space that travels around to deliver different workshops on creative skills and community building, to support local actors in developing their ideas for local impact and share challenges and solutions along the road.

In the digital world MOCI is a platform that highlights small initiatives and people, their skills, needs and challenges to connect them to peers in the region. It also offers a growing set of best practices and tutorials in local languages that is open for everyone. The pilot phase of MOCI is supported by the European Cultural Foundation through the Culture of Solidarity Fund.

MOCI – Mobile Open Culture and Innovation was initiated and co-created by a pan-Europeanteam of cultural, social and youth organizations shaping an informal networks. Starting 2019 in the Western Balkans and 2020 in South-Caucasus we seek to connect and transcend cultural constraints, eliminating digital divides, creating common vocabularies and access to open knowledge within and across our regions.

MOCI seeks to support sustainable and hybrid forms of social innovation and creativeactivism by a selected variety of actions and tools for empowering young citizens. We believe that exchange and co-creation are of fundamental importance in moving towards free and open societies. Our particular focus is on identifying and designing mechanisms that enable well-being, reconciliation, and foster resilience in (post-) conflict and transitional post-socialist societies.

The pilot phase of MOCI Balkans was supported by the Culture of Solidarity Grant of the European Cultural Foundation.

This project is implemented in collaboration with the Seeds of Sustainability (SOS) project by the European Network of Cultural Centres. This project invites cultural centres to take swift action on climate change and shares inspiring projects and initiatives.


With Precious Plastic Albania we created the first DIY-Recycling Workspace in Albania that we grow into a Social Enterprise for unique design items made from 100% locally sourced plastic waste.

We offer free educational workshops for schools, youth groups and any interested individual and build a community of collection points and active citizens tackling plastic waste pollution in Albania.

Vila 3 – Cultural and Social Space

Together with Hapesire Kulturore Uzina we turned an old Vila at the heart of Tirana into an open cultural and social center. As Tirana and Albania lacks civic and cultural spaces we provide a space for independent culture and arts, social exchange and learning. The Vila 3 is a self-managed space open to all creatives, social actors, independent groups and every citizen.

Rrogozhina Environmental Monitoring Youth

With the support of UNDP Albania and the municipality of Rrogozhina we are creating the first self-organised youth group in Rrogozhina. Together with students from two high schools we will start monitoring environmental pollution between Rrogozhina and the Shkumbini Delta. Students will learn how to self-organise and create their own activities as well as campaign and advocate for better waste management and environmental protection.

Shullaz mushroom bunkers

Skills for Resilient Communities

Together with members of our international networks and local young volunteers we create formats of community building and non-formal learning journeys around local challenges. We want to create team of young experts and practicioners that deepend their knowledge and practical experience in different fields to become peer-educators and action-driven teams in the future that support each other’s small projects and communities in need through collective action and project development.


With the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation and iac Berlin we implemented the first workshops on permaculture and sustainable gardening in Pellumbas in autumn 2020.

As part of the GIZ SRD Program we enable a group of young farmers in the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Value Chain to improve their marketing and business diversification skills and to grow together as a community by identifying and addressing shared needs and challenges.