From Bunkers to Systemic Change
After three years as an informal grass-roots team of young professionals with
different backgrounds we founded Tek Bunkeri as an NGO in 2020.

Our roots are in the shared passion for community empowerment and placemaking. 2017 it all started with a temporary transformation of an abandoned military base near Tirana into an open artistic space.

After travelling Albania extensively to meet more than 50 rural communities across the country we made the decision to leave our job positions and fully commit ourselves to Tek Bunkeri.Now we are an agile team of three working full time, leading different teams of volunteers and experts embedded into a growing network of peers.


Arnen Sula and Ivo Krug founded Tek Bunkeri after a joint journey
across Albania mapping abandoned military facilities and engaging
communities in the ideation of sustainable utilization of them.

Angjelina Lika joined Tek Bunkeri in 2020 with a shared passion for youth
empowerment and sustainable development in rural areas. Kevin Dishani is one of the most nature-loving web-designer we know.
When not in office of somewhere in the mountains, he supports us
wherever he can.


Arnen Sula


With Tek Bunkeri I want to show that there are options in our country to do something good and making peace with the past at the same time.

Ivo Krug


With the idea of Tek Bunkeri I became more active in the cultural civil society sector. Stronger connections between Albanian and European actors for sustainable development and social change with strong cultural and creative dimensions has become my prime interest in recent years.

Angjelina Lika

Public Relations

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Angjelina is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

Precious Plastic Team

A young interdisciplinary team of passionate volunteers runs the Precious Plastic Albania Workshop – the first DIY-plastic recycling workspace in Albania. Xhoni is a teacher and writer with a passion for environmental education. Vasil is a filmmaker and editor and loves melting trash. Bree is passionate about zero-waste and awareness. All together we aim at making recycling and plastic waste reduction attractive and popular in Albania while growing the workspace into a self-sustainable social enterprise.


We empower youth and citizens to create their own future visions and develop their own capabilities to realize them. We connect individuals and organizations with a common interest and different backgrounds to foster cross-sectoral and transnational collaborations and innovation.


We are a youth-led grass-root Organisation that tackles challenges of society and our planet to create and inspire equal and sustainable ways of living and working together.

Our Principles

We create safe spaces and trust, We work with full transparency and openness, We self-organize around our mission and foster self-organization around us, We collaborate and create partnerships for impact, We share our gained knowledge and skills with our partners, networks, and communities.

Our Approach

We empower others and each other, We create spaces to prototype and test ideas, We create structures for meaningful connections, We encourage the sharing of experiences and knowledge across communities and borders.