Workshop REM-Y

Workshop REM-Y

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Rrogozhina Environmental Monitoring Youth (REM-Y) is a project in collaboration with UNDP Albania whose aim is to raise the awareness of citizens and authorities of Rrogozhina, on how to maintain a better management system of urban waste.

Youngsters of the city have actively participated in this project, firstly by building creative installations with urban waste and making an exhibition on the city centre, and later by participating in the workshops provided by Tek Bunkeri and field experts. The last workshop presented the kids with the concept of vision, mission, action plan and writing a memorandum to the municipality.


We are happy to announce that the product of this project is “RiAktiv” which is a group of students from Rrogozhina that have participated in the project and are passionate about gathering, bringing change to their community and inspiring younger generations.

The project will be concluded with a waste mapping trip, meaning that the students and field experts will identify illegal waste collection points in Shkumbini River that passes near Rrogozhina, and these locations will be uploaded in a map in a special website. This website will be maintained by “RiAktiv” students and it will be used for other purposes of the group’s vision.