Social Innovation for Sustainable Development

We facilitate change and empower Youth, Grass-Roots and Communities to become drivers of local development through innovative project design and participatory formats.

Culture & Education ▸

For us, creative skills and cultural capabilities are foundations of human development. Our initiatives and projects connect cultural and creative skills with other fields of non-formal education. We want to enable Youth to become their own advocates of change and spark their self-learning ability. To do so we combine technical skills with fun elements and cultural offers and connect targets to peers and our growing network. We believe that there is no sustainability without fun – and also not without linking limited time projects to further activities with a long-term perspective.

Weaving Networks and Communities ▸

Alone you can go fast, together you can go far. In a fast-paced world and changing environments of complex local and global challenges we believe that only strong partnerships and growing communities can create and sustain solutions that create systemic change. We design cross-sectoral partnerships and build communities of organizations, volunteers and individuals to achieve impact collectively. We assist local institutions, rural communities, civic actors and donors in achieving their goals through community building and network creation projects.

Arnen and Ivo, social innovators and founders of
Tek Bunkeri

Our Activities

We empower youth and citizens to create their
own future visions and develop their own capabilities to realize them.


Albania is a magical place with countless hidden gems and treasures! We work with rural communities and volunteers on the utilization of abandoned bunkers and other military facilities! We want to create community-based sustainable and social businesses, cultural spaces and spark a change in communities for more active citizenship!

Check our map to see the bunkers we have seen, what our ideas are and who else is up for an idea or project!

Do you have an idea for a bunker-transformation? Do you know how to set up a social enterprise, a cultural event or a community of motivated people? Do you want to share your knowledge and skills with us and our community?

Than join us, write us or meet us in Tirana or Berlin and we will find a way to work together, to learn from each other and to grow together!