Tek Bunkeri is a social innovation initiative based in Tirana and Berlin. Through the organization of participatory, creative and educational workshops, we work for the creation of strong links between rural communities and creative actors of all fields.

Our mission is to develop a broad network for local change that enables community members to acquire new skills in peer-learning workshops, and to create sustainable community-based social business projects by utilizing abandoned bunkers and military facilities.

Our belief is that intersectoral collaboration is the prerequisite for innovation and collective actions with culturally diverse actors can be the spark for local change in rural Albania.

We practice active community engagement and volunteer participation for collaborative and social projects that benefit all.

Our partners are active communities, actors of the civil society and the creative sectors, social entrepreneurs, actors of change and the academic sphere. In general – everyone who is working on the same territory for a brighter tomorrow.

Our field of action is Albania, especially its rural areas, covered by abandoned military facilities of the communist Era. Our experimental actions take place on abandoned sites on our map in collaboration with its neighboring communities. If successful, we will spin them off to other interested communities in Albania.

We are constantly working towards a closer integration of Albania and its communities into European networks and societies. We encourage anyone interested to contact us, to create projects together and to learn from each other for a more inclusive Europe and connected resilient communities.